Cecilia Polkinhorn
I have a BA in Multimedia Art from San Diego State University, an MA in English & American Literature (also from SDSU), and an MA in psychology with an emphasis in Marriage & Family Therapy/Art Therapy from Phillips Graduate University. I never anticipated how well these degrees were going to serve each other until I found the passion and direction in what I do today.

As a lifelong practicing artist, my experiences with art materials, writing, general creativity, and interpersonal communications inform my therapeutic approach to be primarily based in image-making. My goal is to help clients gain insight, develop the strength and confidence to explore difficult emotions and problematic behavior patterns, and ultimately reclaim a healthier quality of life.

I have experience working in elementary school-based settings with children, both individually and in a group. As an associate, I offer bilingual (English & Spanish) services and now work with pre-teens, adolescents, adults, families, and couples. I also facilitate group sessions using different directives for art-making as an added method to identify, process, or communicate difficult emotions. Here at WVCC, I will be running a weekly group for pre-teen girls called “Being a Pre-Teen in 2018,” which will address issues around the pressures of social media, identity, self-image, friendship, relationships, and self-care.

I look forward to working with you!

"If you want to see the past... touch a rock
If you want to see the present... touch a flower
If you want to see the future... touch a life."

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