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The Growth and Transition Workshops, Tucson, Arizona


The Growth and Transition Workshop is an intense, three day residential process inspired by Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross’ ground breaking “Life, Death, and Transition” Workshops, which ended in 1995. Dr. Kubler-Ross initially created five day workshops for dying patients. However, it soon became apparent that their accompanying loved ones and caregivers were equally burdened, carrying the pain of their own personal losses as well as the challenges of their current responsibilities.

weSPARK Cancer Support Center, Sherman Oaks & Santa Clarita


weSpark is a special place dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for cancer patients, their families and friends. weSPARK provides, free of charge, a center where one can join with others to share their experience, strength, and hope. weSpark offers multiple services designed to heal the mind, body and spirit of all those whose lives have been affected by cancer.

Star Behavioral Health Providers


Star Behavioral Health Providers is a comprehensive resource for service members, veterans, and their families to find qualified and specially trained professionals in their own communities

Recommended Reading List

  • In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters with Addiction -Gabor Mate
  • Healing the Shame That Binds You - John Bradshaw
  • In an Unspoken Voice: How the Body Releases Trauma and Restores Goodness - Peter A. Levine
  • It Will Never Happen To Me - Claudia Black
  • Codependent No More - Melody Beattie
  • The Language of Letting Go - Melody Beattie
  • A Life at Work: The Joy of Discovering What You Were Born to Do – Thomas Moore
  • Parenting From the Inside Out - Daniel Siegel and Mary Hartzell
  • Tweak: Growing Up on Methamphetamines - Nic Sheff
  • Beautiful Boy: A Father's Journey Through His Son's Addiction - David Shef
  • Facing Love Addiction: Giving Yourself the Power to Change the Way You Love - Pia Mellody
  • Drinking: A Love Story – Caroline Knapp
  • Another Chance: Hope and Health for the Alcoholic Family - Sharon Wegscheider-Cruse


"If you want to see the past... touch a rock
If you want to see the present... touch a flower
If you want to see the future... touch a life."

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