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06 May

Benefits of Couples Therapy

Couples therapy can often seem daunting, and is usually considered a last resort to solving relationship issues. However, couples therapy and counseling can be a great option for couples who are feeling stagnant, facing major transitions, or feeling anger, sadness, or numbness in regards to their relationship or partner.

For best results, therapists will tailor sessions to reflect evidence-based practices that follow scientifically designed methods that couples may use as a sort of “relationship toolbox” that they can use to cope with issues. This relationship toolbox will work to:
1. Change relationship perspectives
2. Identify dysfunctional behaviors
3. Modify dysfunctional behaviors
4. Decrease emotional avoidance
5. Improve communication

Even if participants feel that they already have these skills, couples therapy can prove invaluable in teaching romantic partners to do the same. While traditional therapy focuses on one individual, couples therapy really works to bring a couple to the same level of understanding in a relationship. Additionally, these skills can be used to strengthen other relationships that may be strained, such as relationships with family members or close friends.

Couples therapy not only brings to light relationship issues, but also uncovers the unconscious mechanisms that we use to interact with others. Even if couples therapy fails to reconcile a couple as they had initially hoped for, it gives them the perspective and ability to change maladaptive behaviors that would have plagued them in future or other present relationships.

Conflict is an unavoidable part of life, and learning how to effectively resolve conflict in a healthy manner is a skill in which everyone can benefit. Don’t wait until relationship molehills become mountains, and learn how to improve relationships today with couple’s therapy.

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