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16 Jun

Couples Therapy for Same Sex & Non-Traditional Couples

While many of the same dynamics and issues are present in both same sex and opposite sex couples, some factors, such as social acceptance and dominant heterosexual culture, can have a toll on relationships. Nontraditional couples may also experience discrimination and lack of social support that may lead to issues in coping, communication, and healthy decision-making.

Couples therapy, for same sex and nontraditional couples can help address deep-rooted issues and find ways to help bolster the relationship in a safe and understanding environment. Devising couples therapy helps with normative issues in partner communication and compromise as well. Some common issues that encourage couples to seek therapy include:

- To change relationship perspectives
- To identify dysfunctional behaviors
- To modify dysfunctional behaviors
- To decrease emotional avoidance
- To improve communication

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As with any couple, seeking therapy in the beginning stages of conflict may help to solve issues before they worsen and, thus, more difficult to treat. Couples therapy can be a huge benefit to participants feeling stagnant or depressed about current or past relationships, and can also help address uncomfortable issues such as:
- Effects of internal and external homophobia
- Sexual identity as an individual and as a couple
- Adoption or insemination
- Blended families
- Raising children
- Lack of social support
- Coming out
- Family Issues
- Cultural Differences
- Sexual Dysfunction
- Gender and sex roles

Family counseling for same sex or non-traditional couples may also help improve family issues and create a safe base that will support the couple.

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